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We currently have 3 free booklets available for you to sign up for. They are as follows:

  • 10 reasons to go organic

  • Common Shrub Feed 

  • Vegetable Companion Planting Ideas

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Available Free Booklets

Below is a teaser of each of the free booklets we are currently offering. Simply use the form above to sign up for the booklets that interest you the most and we will send them out to you in the post. 

10 reasons to go organic

Going Organic is very much bang on trend at the moment, but there are some very good, valid reasons for jumping onto this particular bandwagon, both in terms of cost and health. Here are 10 very good reasons….

Common Shrub Feed

If, like me, you have been gardening for years on instinct, this booklet may help you make sense of what you have been doing and why you do it. It also has a comprehensive list of shrubs and their feeding requirements.

Vegetable Companion Planting Ideas

For those of us who are keen fruit and veg growers, this is an invaluable booklet to help achieve the best from your plot, using some very straightforward, traditional ways of encouraging growth, protecting from pests and disease, and generally supporting your veggies by using planting companions.