What is liquid organic plant food

The term rather speaks for itself, but each of these feeds have been derived from perfectly natural processes, harking back to Victorian Kitchen Garden methods. We use plants that have grown in a clean, chemical free environment, in a natural, unforced way, process them using rainwater which has no added chemicals, such as chlorine, and bottle them in bottles from the UK, using recycled labels to identify each. Both the comfrey and the nettles are sourced within 2 miles of Basingstoke.

The Worm Wee is made using wormeries supplied from Devon, plant matter that comes from my garden and veg peelings from the local pub, so a very smalll carbon footprint..

The liquid is easy to store, easy to distribute and easy to use, with minimum packaging, and no added fancy gadgets to be added to the mix. An ordinary watering can and some rainwater is all you need to make this feed work, and work it does, very effectively!


What can it be used with?

Nettle Nosh is ideal for starting seeds off, soaking them overnight gives them a huge boost in germination rates. Once your seeds have germinated and you have planted them out according to the instructions on the seed packet, you can use Nettle Nosh to give them a boost.

Cossack Comfrey is the most popular feed, because it is very rich in potash, which helps plants develop fruit and flowers. Most potash loving plants need a feed mid-Spring and then later during the Summer.

Worm Wee is a general plant food, which means you can use if for anything that needs a bit of a lift, and standard feed for everything in the Spring and later in the Summer.

How can plant food help?

  • Significantly improve germination rates
  • Improve disease and pest resistance
  • Improve fruit and flower production
  • Act as a tonic for ailing plants
  • Revitalise good bacteria in the soil
  • Increase the uptake of nutrients through improved root systems
  • Produce healthier and more flavoursome veggies