Nettle Nosh

Nettle Nosh

Liquid Organic Plant Tonic

Rich in nitrogen, with useful amounts of potash and phosphate, this feed helps promote healthy stem and leaf growth. It can be used to aid germination of seeds. Soaking hard seeds overnight can boost germination. The feed provides stimulation for ailing plants and can help improve disease resistance.


As a feed: dilute 1:10 parts water and use once a fortnight, applying straight to the soil at the base of the plant from early spring and well into the growing season. For a general tonic, dilute 1:30 and distribute using a sprayer or watering can with rose attached. To soak seeds overnight, dilute 1:10 in a small container.

Note: This fertiliser has an extremely strong smell, which will linger on the hands! Suggestion: wear gloves when handling.

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